Infor Lights Up Truck-Lite Europe

Infor recently announced that Truck-Lite Europe, a global provider of lighting, electrical harnessing, and mirror systems for commercial and automotive vehicles, has chosen Infor to implement a common platform across the group. The platform is expected to enable more comprehensive and integrated manufacturing and logistics business processes. Truck-Lite was seeking to improve the visibility of its manufacturing and supply chain operations, accelerate stock turnover, enable accurate demand planning, boost collaboration with suppliers, and drive faster responsiveness to Truck-Lite customer needs. The company wants to be able to see current manufacturing plans, experiment with alternatives, and share the risk of those changes throughout the supply chain.

To that end, the suite of applications, including Infor LN and Infor Supply Chain Management (SCM), is planned to be rolled out across all European plants. The Infor LN enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite should improve the visibility, operations plan, and communication across its manufacturing sites. The ERP also helps track raw materials as they leave the warehouse and enter production, ensuring that current stock and production capacity meet demand in the most efficient way possible. Truck-Lite Europe has also invested in Infor Warehouse Mobility to help improve booking-in processes when raw materials arrive on site.

For its part, Infor Demand Planning should increase confidence in the accuracy of forward demand plans and provide the foundation for sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes based on a single consolidated view of demand across the business. Infor Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) will provide business analytics. Improved demand planning should also increase stock turnover by more accurately aligning stock to demand—a key focus for Truck-Lite.

Due to a large variety of items and variations of its specialized products, Truck-Lite intends to harness Web-based technologies to provide suppliers with information quickly, accurately and inexpensively. This should enable suppliers to improve their delivery performance to Truck-Lite and thus provide better responsiveness to its customers. Infor Automotive Exchange (AutoConnect), Infor Supplier Exchange (SupplyWEB), and Infor Event Management should strengthen supplier relationships by enabling automated and integrated electronic data interchange (EDI) and order management. Those capabilities should accelerate the ordering process and enable inexpensive communication via a portal.

Reportedly, a legacy Infor product was being used by Truck-Lite. Infor’s ability to not only upgrade an aging ERP system, but also cross-sell a number of adjacent software modules, should be a recipe for the vendor’s success in the future.
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