Infor Reports Rapid Growth of Distribution Business Unit

Infor recently announced that its distribution business unit has had more than 120 percent license growth since the close of Infor's 2010 fiscal year. By engaging with customers and incorporating feedback, the vendor has continued to invest in its distribution products.

After years of keeping a low profile and cutting costs, Infor has established, and in many cases re-established, communication with its customers through additional sales reps in the field. The vendor has also created executive forums and industry councils where its customers worked with Infor on its five-year technical and business roadmaps for its key micro-verticals in distribution. The vendor has since delivered to those roadmaps, building trust not just in its message but also in its ability to execute.

New Customers and Up-sales

On the back of those new investments in its customers and products, Infor has been able to secure large net new customers for the first time in many years. These include license deals ranging from $400,000 to $5.3 million. Net new customers now comprise a substantial portion of the Infor Distribution customer base thanks to the momentum behind sales of leading solutions like Infor Distribution FACTS and Infor Distribution SX.e. Each customer brings a new perspective and list of requirements to light when joining the Infor community, enabling continued innovation and ongoing improvements to both solutions and the company as a whole.

In addition, existing customers have demonstrated their belief in Infor's innovation strategy by becoming early adopters and advocates for some of the newest solutions available. Examples include C.H. Briggs integration of Inforce customer relationship management (CRM) to Infor Distribution A+ through Infor ION middleware, State Electric's roll out of the Infor Road Warrior mobile sales force automation (SFA) app, and IDG's adoption of the Storeroom for SX.e solution.

In a nutshell, Infor was a leader in the distribution industry before the new Infor10x platform message and solutions, which gave it a timing advantage over other Infor industries. Focus is important to Infor Distribution customers. The primary distribution ERP products have been the aforementioned SX.e and, more recently, Infor M3 on a global basis, as well as Infor’s add-on solutions, such as CRM, epaCUBE Margin Manager (price and margin optimization), MaxRecall (document imaging and management), and Infor Motion mobility.
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