Infor SyteLine ERP Software Is Now TEC Certified

infor-logo_2013-original1.pngIt’s my pleasure to announce that a new software product within the Infor manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions family—SyteLine ERP—has been certified by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). This solution for various industries now features the “TEC Certified Product” badge in TEC’s IT Showcase, meaning the software vendor has filled out TEC’s functionality questionnaire and gone through a comprehensive demonstration of the product with TEC analysts.

The history of SyteLine as a manufacturing ERP solution dates back to more than 27 years. The product was first developed by Symix and then transformed and acquired several times before Infor got it under its control in 2005. With ample development resources, the world’s third-largest ERP company (after SAP and Oracle only) has since heavily modernized and renewed the product. However, SyteLine has retained its strong manufacturing basis to which have been added many technologies catering to current ERP software trends.

Like other ERP solutions from Infor, SyteLine follows the vendor’s general product development strategy—10x, which includes solid and consistent applications, deep features for vertical industries and subsectors, and a visually appealing, convenient, and “consumer-grade” user interface (UI).

The latest software release, SyteLine 9, uses the same UI that is available for most (eventually for all) business management applications of Infor. It’s based on collaboration, integration, and UI platforms that are common to all Infor products.

SyteLine ERP mainly fits the discrete manufacturing space and is well suited for aerospace, automotive, high tech and electronics, industrial machinery, and equipment manufacturing businesses. But the product is also actively used by chemicals, distributors, fashion, food and beverage, and other sectors.

According to Infor, the key differentiators for the SyteLine product are as follows:

  • Extremely flexible and scalable framework (Mongoose) that is capable of adapting to unique business requirements without customizations, connecting to just about any application, and allowing for multiple deployment options including the cloud.

  • Full-scale ERP system with advanced functionality for specialty areas such as product configuration, printing and packaging, quality management, inventory forecasting, among others.

  • Strong product depth in various types of manufacturing, with an integrated advanced planning and scheduling system that allows for capturing various business scenarios from material requirements planning (MRP) to Just in time (JIT).

  • Other important core functionality features such as customer relationship management (CRM), key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards, document management, and workflow.

  • A well-established and time-tested solution, with many international customers, upright references, and strong sales and support channels.

I’ll have more in the upcoming weeks on the product background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses as measured against the average solution in the ERP for discrete manufacturing space, ERP for engineering-to-order (ETO) manufacturing, ERP for manufacturing (SMB), ERP for mixed-mode manufacturing, and financial packages software spaces. We’ll announce the TEC Certification Report on Infor SyteLine ERP in our newsletter—but you can look for the report on the TEC Web site.
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