Infor Unveils Implementation Accelerator For Fashion Industry

Providing implementation facilitation tools and instruments has become a common practice for many enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendors. I recently wrote about Oracle's experience in this matter, and I saw the news about Infor today.

Infor has been offering a range of industry-specific predefined configurations of its software packages for some time, and now it's the turn of the fashion industry. As the vendor announced, Infor Implementation Accelerator is available for the garment and footware designers, manufacturers, and distributors. It is described as a "set of preconfigured industry solutions based on the latest version of the Infor application suites that deliver leading industry practices and business processes." In other words, some typical ERP implementation processes and procedures can now be significantly reduced or eliminated completely. A number of menus, workflows, business processes, and master file structures are already defined according to industry best practices, standards, and  corresponding compliance requirements.

Despite every company's uniqueness, there are definitely many similarities in how fashion companies conduct their business and set up their processes, so it makes sense to deliver a solution preconfigured for the industry.

In addition to the predefined system structure, Infor also offers a finely tuned implementation methodology that is specific to the fashion vertical.

All this is intended to ease the overall complexity of implementation, shorten implementation time, and provide clients with a reliable and proven solution that most likely will not require additional modifications or code changes.
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