Infor VISUAL—Offering Optimal Data Visualization to SMB Manufacturers

As its name implies, Infor VISUAL is designed to provide a graphical user interface and convenient instrument that is capable of optimally presenting the necessary data to manufacturing users. The unique features of its user interface have made the enterprise resource planning (ERP) product an attractive option to many manufacturing companies, and the data visualization capabilities have become an important competitive advantage for the product.
Infor VISUAL ERP software is well known to North American manufacturers and to manufacturing companies in other regions as well as for many years now. The earliest origins of the software date back to the 1980s, when the product was a typical “green screen” application built on the MRPII model. The VISUAL product was created from the ground up approximately 21 years ago back in 1992. It started off as a Windows client-server product on Windows SQL platform, and it still runs on this platform today.  
In 2004, Lilly Software Associates, the initial developer of the VISUAL product, was acquired by the business software giant Infor, which has since significantly developed and extended the application. The biggest transformation of VISUAL at Infor has been in recent years, and in April 2013, the vendor, led by the new top management team, unveiled the Infor 10x release. Infor 10x comprises multiple technologies and tools that have brought a completely new design and functional and integration capabilities to Infor’s existing products, including VISUAL.
But the main focus of Infor VISUAL remains the same—providing solid and highly visualized ERP software for discrete order–driven manufacturers of many types: simple or complex make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, or combinations thereof. However, the Infor VISUAL solution is successfully used by many companies that combine discrete and process types of manufacturing processes, and the software is capable of adequately supporting those businesses as well. The most important vertical industries for Infor VISUAL are metal industry, industrial machinery and equipment, plastic industry, services, aerospace & defense, automotive and special vehicles, hi-tech and electronics, general discrete manufacturing, and fashion manufacturing.
Overall, Infor VISUAL has more than 5,000 customer sites worldwide, including multiple sites. The product is available in 7 languages in more than 30 countries across the world; however, the key countries for Infor VISUAL are the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Mexico, and the Netherlands.
The current version of Infor VISUAL is deployed on premise with traditional perpetual licenses (either named or concurrent licenses) or can be hosted; however, the upcoming version, VISUAL 8 (approximately in the second quarter of 2015) will be available on premise, or as a hosted (single or multitenant) or pure cloud–SaaS subscription-based application.
Infor VISUAL software is already fully integrated with the variety of Infor products, such as Infor Ming.le, Infor ION, Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK), enterprise asset management (EAM), and Product Configuration Management (PCM) solutions.
Infor VISUAL’s inherited visual and deep manufacturing support, combined with cutting-edge Infor innovations in the areas of a modern and easily customizable user interface, easy integration, and powerful data analytics tools make Infor VISUAL a very attractive application to its target audience—small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses.

If you’re looking for ERP software for your manufacturing business, you will be able to find many details on the Infor VISUAL ERP software—comparison diagrams, product differentiating factors, functionality specifics with screenshots, user interface, and navigation overview—in the upcoming Infor VISUAL ERP TEC certification report. The report will be available in the next few weeks in the TEC Certification Reports page.
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