Informatica Adding a Cloud Workflow Angle to Data Integration

Informatica Corporation, an independent provider of data integration software, recently acquired Active Endpoints, a private business process management (BPM) provider.

As a public company with over $800 million in annual revenue and over $500 million in cash, Informatica seems to be a great new home for Active Endpoints’ technology and customers. Not only will Active Endpoints technology be integrated throughout Informatica’s product line, but Informatica pledges to continue to support every ActiveVOS BPM customer and partner (although the jury is still out on whether Informatica can deliver, given that BPM has not been its core competency).

The Active Endpoints team will reportedly be merged into Informatica’s Cloud Group, in recognition of the highest growth aspect of Active Endpoints’ business, Cloud Extend and Cloud Extend Mobile, which are already part of the Informatica Cloud Spring 2013 portfolio. These Salesforce Platform–based workflow products are in tune with Informatica’s data integration involvement in’s ecosystem.

This combination of Informatica’s data integration and data management capabilities in the cloud with Active Endpoints’ business process automation (BPA) platform could be a great value prop over a slew of other data integration products at Salesforce AppExchange (and elsewhere). Every enterprise, large and small, could benefit from this offering. Let’s see how Informatica will execute it down the track.
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