Instaply Announces Instaply Mobile Customer Interaction Platform

instaply.jpgInstaply, Inc., has launched as a company and introduced its mobile customer interaction platform (MCIP)—free to customers and businesses. The MCIP can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes App Store and Google Play.

The application's main purpose is to sustain text exchanges between companies and clients for improved customer experience. On the one hand, Instaply can be used by clients to discover text-friendly businesses and text directly with those businesses, and on the other hand, Instaply lets business register and get immediate exposure to new customers.

The platform offers a directory of text-friendly businesses that customers can easily send text messages to without having to have the company information stored on their cellular phones. To better accommodate users, Instaply's look and feel resembles texting environments.

Instaply supports multiple devices, allowing users to switch from one device to another (phone, tablet, PC, etc.). Consequently, customers can interact with businesses that serve them on a regular basis, depending on their immediate needs.

With texting being a very popular medium of communication, the Instaply MCIP may gain popularity if the level of support offered by Instaply is as expected by both individual customers and businesses.
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