Integrated Benefits Institute Presents IBI Key Health Metrics Dashboard

ibi.jpgThe Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), a provider of health and productivity research, measurement, and benchmarking, has developed the IBI Key Health Metrics Dashboard, a solution that tracks 10 key dimensions of workforce health. The solution can collect volumes of data that employers receive from multiple vendors providing health, medical services, and lost-time information to the business.

With the IBI Key Health Metrics Dashboard organizations can follow:

  • Expenditures for all health-related programs

  • Degree to which employees are enrolled and taking part in available health-related programs

  • Biometric profile of the workforce

  • Risk profile of the workforce

  • Amount of care delivered and the setting in which it takes place

  • Degree to which employees are being screened for age- and gender-appropriate health conditions

  • Prevalence and distribution of employee chronic health conditions

  • Number of health-related lost work days from absence and reduced performance

  • The financial opportunity costs borne by the employer in responding to employee lost work time

  • Degree to which employees are engaged in managing their health

IBI's product will be giving employers the chance to view a broad picture of the health and productivity levels of their workforce in one go and in so doing reduce the cost incurred in compiling the necessary data to produce that picture with slower tools such as spreadsheets.
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