Intel 820 Chipset Delays Again, Again, Again…

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Intel 820 Chipset Delays Again, Again, Again
C. McNulty - June 30, 2000

Event Summary

Timna, Intel's first so-called "Smart Integration" microprocessor, will be delayed until early 2001.

The delay comes in the heels of related problems with Intel's 820 chipset. Most recently, Intel announced a recall of 820-based motherboards using a memory translator hub (MTH) to connect SDRAM memory. [See also Intel Faces 820 Chipset Problems (Again).] The Timna delay is related to the MTH problems - an Intel spokesman announced that the chipmaker would design an all-new MTH.

Separately, Intel has indicated that it will no longer support SDRAM for the 820 chipset, recommending the 815 chipset instead. [TEC had predicted this earlier in the year.]

Market Impact

Timna was originally scheduled for late 2000 release. It was conceived as a computer-on-a-chip, integrating processing, I/O, audio, video, and edge connections. Obviously, even Intel can't get everything on one chip, not yet, anyway.

The market winner here is AMD, whose Duron value-line processor is already available and shipping. This means that Intel's current value PC strategy - Celeron processors - will remain in place until next year.

User Recommendations

Expect even deeper discounts that usual at year-end. It's still a competitive market, with Duron and Celeron battling for the low end. The looming prospect of an early 2001 Timna release, combined with yearend inventory pressures, should depress prices in this segment at least 5% by year end (80% likelihood).

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