Intel Outside?

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Intel Outside?
A. Turner - July 27, 2000

Event Summary

Intel Online Services, Inc., the Internet application hosting subsidiary of Intel Corporation, announced their AppChoice Managed Hosting Services, designed for customers who want control of their mission-critical applications along with the benefits of a fully managed, outsourced hosting solution.

AppChoice offers a hosting platform that includes hardware, operating system and applications, as well as the networking, infrastructure and data protection components of a reliable e-business solution.

The AppChoice services provide a foundation onto which application service providers, e-business solution providers, systems integrators and other developers and customers can integrate their e-business applications. In addition, Intel Online Services provides tools that allow customers to monitor and control their chosen hosted applications. AppChoice services come with service level agreements and guaranteed response times. Personnel are available to monitor application performance 24 hours a day with tailored responses and user-defined alerts.

AppChoice is part of Intel Online Services' selection of service offerings, which range from fully managed and integrated e-business solutions to co-location services.

Market Impact

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Intel Online Services Inc., an Intel subsidiary, is a supplier of hosted Internet services, business applications, and e-commerce services worldwide.

Intel Online Services currently offers data centers in Santa Clara, Calif.; Chantilly, Va.; Reading, England; Seoul, Korea; and Tokyo, Japan; a new data center in India is scheduled to open within the next month. In all, Intel Online Services plans to invest $1 billion by the end of 2001 to develop and integrate Internet data centers worldwide.

With communication giants such as AT&T, Lucent, WorldCom, and Nortel offering infrastructure programs, it is no surprise computer and networking manufactures are making similar offers. With an established global network and extensive resources Intel represents a formidable participant in the nascent outsourcing infrastructure market.

User Recommendations

While interesting, this announcement offers few details. More information on Intel Online Services scope of offerings, pricing and support are required. The announcement does, however, validate the market demand for outsourced applications and infrastructure solutions.

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