Intellicus Is Now a TEC Certified Business Intelligence Solution

intellicus150.pngWe are pleased to announce that the Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights Platform is now available for online evaluation in the Business Intelligence and Data Management Evaluation Center, joining the ranks of other TEC Certified systems providing BI functionality.

In a few weeks I’ll be providing a complete report on the TEC Web site to go over Intellicus’ features in depth (including strengths, weaknesses, and analysis of each module). In the meantime, let’s go over a brief overview, and remind you that BI suites include the following functionalities: reporting and analysis, analytics, data warehousing, workflow, data integration, support, and product technology.

About Intellicus

Intellicus provides web-based business intelligence and reporting solutions within a number of leading vertical markets, including healthcare, supply chain, compliance, financial services, and digital media.

Headquartered in Indore, India, Intellicus was incorporated in 2004 and has grown internationally since then, with more than 8000 successful implementations across America, Europe, and Asia, including more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies. The company offers cost-effective complete solutions with user-friendly features, lean implementation cycles, robust SOX/HIPAA compliant security, and low maintenance costs.

Intellicus Business Insights Suite includes oft-used business intelligence functions, including enterprise reporting, OLAP, advanced visualization capabilities, dashboards, a business meta layer, Ad hoc reporting, big data analytics, security and compliance, distribution and delivery capabilities, and Office integration.

Intellicus Graphing and Analysis Capabilities


Intellicus users have access to an extensive number of resources for visualizing and analyzing their corporate data. In the screen capture above we can see examples of Intellicus BI and Reporting Platform’s graphing and data analysis capabilities. Intellicus’ capabilities for data visualization can greatly help users in interpretation and analysis, improving the decision-making process and leading to savings in time and money. Intellicus offers an easy-to-use application with a specific and interesting corporate approach.

TEC’s IT Showcase offers a profile of Intellicus’ Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights Platform, giving a high-level analysis of how Intellicus targets its solution versus real competitors and the industry average.

The graph below, taken from TEC Advisor, shows Intellicus’ reporting capabilities in comparison to other vendors in the BI space.


For TEC certification, Intellicus completed TEC’s detailed questionnaire (download sample BI RFI templates) and delivered the formal product demonstration I’d requested.  This demo let me trial some features that I was particularly interested in taking a closer look at, including more than a hundred features and functionality sets.

Please stay tuned for the full report. In the meantime, you can interactively review the Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights Platform via TEC Advisor.

If you have particular questions about Intellicus’s BI solution offerings, please leave a comment below.
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