Intuit Pay Gives UK SMBs Easy Card Payment Functionality

Back in November 2012, Intuit launched an Intuit Pay pilot project for the United Kingdom. The company has since learned a lot, improved the product, and announced that Intuit Pay is generally available, giving anyone who sells products or services in the UK a reasonably easy and low-cost way to accept credit and debit card payments, whether in person or over the phone.

Intuit Pay includes a free app and free access to payments online, and, for a limited time, a free chip and personal identification number (PIN) reader. The solution offers the following advantages over other payment solutions:

  • Accept cards anywhere—on the go and over the phone: One can use the card reader with Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for mobile payments or enter card details online using the secure Intuit Pay site to take payments from home or office over the phone.

  • Safe and secure—protected by a chip and PIN reader: This feature ensures faster payment, helps safeguard customer confidence, and reduces fraud and disputed transactions. Intuit Pay is fully validated by Visa and MasterCard for payments made using cards with chips and PINs.

  • Connects with Intuit QuickBooks—makes accounting easy: The Connects to QuickBooks Online offering, which begins April 2013, will let subscribers accept card payments and update their accounting records in one step.

Intuit's main market is the US, and it offers GoPayment in Canada, so this announcement is another milestone for Intuit as it looks to expand its presence outside of the US, leading with mobile and online solutions. The vendor also chose the UK because Intuit Pay supports the growing QuickBooks Online presence. Intuit hopes to continue to learn from its experience in the UK and use those lessons as it looks to expand into additional markets.
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