Intuit QuickBooks Online Going Mobile

As part of its ongoing quest for innovation, Intuit recently announced that QuickBooks Online is now available for mobile devices. QuickBooks Online for iPad (the name is somewhat deceiving given that the product runs on multiple mobile devices and not only on the Apple iPad) is the newest addition to the QuickBooks Online suite. Through a single QuickBooks Online account, a business can access and interact with its data from a computer, tablet, or other mobile device. There are native apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones (but no native Android tablet app yet). Data automatically syncs between devices and users, so small businesses can manage their finances anytime, anywhere.

The product is geared at letting small business owners (or managers or employees) manage their finances on the go. New users can sign-up through a free app and immediately start sending invoices as transactions are made (versus waiting to get back to the office to prepare an invoice and hit send). Existing users can invoice, capture notes and photos, browse customer history, and manage finances on the go.

Intuit sees this latest offering as a natural extension to QuickBooks, one that should delight current users as well as expose small businesses to QuickBooks through the Intuit App Center. For more traditional accountants whose jobs are stationed in an office, Intuit offers QuickBooks for Accountants, which is a separate product.
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