Intuit and Square Integrate POS and Accounting for SMBs

Intuit and Square recently announced a seamless integration between Square Register and QuickBooks accounting. Built on Intuit’s open platform, the integration with Square's point-of-sale (POS) solution aims to enable small businesses to more efficiently import their transactions from Square into QuickBooks, helping them streamline their operations, save time, and ensure more accurate reporting.

The Square integration is the first of many new partnerships Intuit will be announcing that further its commitment to being an open platform company and line up with Intuit’s strategy to be perceived as a small business operating system of sorts. The completely redesigned QuickBooks Online is the center of this operating system, and it has streamlined payroll, payments, and third-party app experiences built in. You can test drive the new QuickBooks Online here (clicking on the “Apps” tab on the left allows users to turn on third-party apps).

For its part, Square is making sophisticated “big business” tools simple and available to anyone. Whether a business needs to accept credit cards, manage a full POS system, or sell online, Square offers simple and affordable tools. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, Square is currently available in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Square began with a free credit card reader for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, allowing businesses to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime, and for one low and transparent rate. Square now offers a broader suite of hardware and software tools, including Square Register, Square Market, Square Wallet, and Square Stand. Neighborhood merchants of all sizes are increasingly adopting Square Register at the counter for its intuitive interface, smart analytics, continuous updates, and simple processing fees.

Product Availability

Intuit and Square plan to make the integration available on November 19. Existing customers of both companies will be able to activate the integration seamlessly, while new customers to either company will be able to sign up for both Square Register and QuickBooks. No additional software license is necessary, as users can just “turn on” Square payments from within QuickBooks.

Users will, however, need to pay for both services; pricing information is available online for QuickBooks Online and Square Register. Intuit will continue to offer the full range of Intuit Payment Solutions, including GoPayment, to all of its customers as required.
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