Ironware International Selects abas USA for ERP

Founded in 1980, abas has lately been coming out of its “dark horse” and “best kept secret” stature to become a fiercely competitive provider of cost-effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for midmarket manufacturers and distributors. Most recently, Ironware International Inc. has chosen abas Business Software as its new ERP provider. Ironware was founded in 1988 by Karin Eaton to distribute Pierre Picard's stylish handforged iron lighting and furniture.

Before abas USA, the company was running transactions for multiple locations using spreadsheets to track inventory and production, which would result in duplicate data entry. abas Business Software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-Business application designed specifically for manufacturers in the assemble-to-order (ATO), make-to-order (MTO), and engineer-to-order (ETO) environment. Operating on LINUX, Unix, and Microsoft Windows, abas Business Software has the flexibility, scalability, and ease of use that has demonstrated consistent return on investment (ROI) to its customers. A system that supports multinational and multilingual communication (and that comes with many perks that other ERP providers charge for as add-on solutions) should improve Ironware’s ability to plan for the long lead-time material requirements for product demands.

Reportedly, an emerging company like Ironware found flexibility and ease of use to be paramount selection criteria. The kickoff was two weeks ago and the Ironware team is really excited by the data visibility to its future requirements and past transactions. abas USA claims to have already closed 90 percent of what it did last year in just the first three and half months of this year, Crystalfontz America and UST Mamiya being some recent wins. We should stay tuned for more announcements of new deal closings as well.
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