Is Your ERP System Provider a Psychopath?

  • Written By: David Clark
  • Published: February 16 2010

Here’s an often overlooked factor in ERP software selection, and it’s got nothing to do with ERP functions or features:


That’s right, personality. No, I’m not talking about the personality of your presumptive ERP systems (see also: pathetic fallacy).

Nor am I talking exclusively about the personality of the ERP vendor sales reps, say, or of the software demo team.

I’m talking about the vendor’s corporate personality (or corporate culture) as a whole.

For example, some ERP vendors are perceived as being arrogant. Some are perceived as being consummately professional, if a little unfriendly. Some are perceived as being just a bit, well, quirky. I’m not mentioning any names, you’ll notice. That’s because I like my lifestyle. It’s a quiet, lawsuit-free lifestyle.

My question to you is this:

Under what conditions would you select an ERP system developed by a vendor whose corporate personality clashes with your own?


Alternatively, take this personality test to find out if you (or your software vendor) have a personality disorder! (Note: you may need to be a little inventive with some of your responses.)

Leave comments and case histories below. Please respect my current lifestyle by not naming names.
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