It’s About Time “Legal” Got Involved

  • Written By: A. Turner
  • Published: May 22 2000

It’s About Time "Legal" Got Involved
A. Turner - May 22, 2000

Event Summary

On May 16, 2000, ASPORA announced it had launched a new ASP solution aimed at helping law firms and corporate law departments work more efficiently and productively. According to the press release, ASPORA, debuting in the United States, provides the legal market with integrated high-end applications and services via a common Web browser.

Traditionally, application services providers (ASPs) deliver a variety of services over an Internet platform. According to their press release, ASPORA will take this concept farther and be focused on providing the legal market with both high-end products and services - integrated seamlessly.

Instead of integrating a variety of software applications and systems themselves, ASPORA will provide law firms and corporate legal departments the convenience of a state-of-the-art service concept and software package all in one. In addition, ASPORA will help a company's IT department be more responsive to changing needs and better focus on core issues.

ASPORA launched in the United States on May 16, 2000, will serve law firms and corporate counsel nationwide.

Market Impact

"We're filling a real need with this new ASP solution," says Scott Twibell, Chief Technology Officer of ASPORA. "It allows us to offer high-end software and services to middle market firms and corporate counsel who might not have choices and options previously available to only the largest firms, be able to try out services and products before buying them, have the ability to seamlessly integrate software, and benefit from lower cost of ownership."

This is a sound concept and one that many ASP's have built their business models around. It has only been a matter of time until the legal "vertical" market was addressed. Other verticals such as healthcare, insurance and petroleum manufacturers have seen the emergence of application service providers in the last 8 - 12 months. With market size estimates ranging from 20 - 44 billion it's no wonder why these companies are producing attractive solutions.

User Recommendations

Perhaps we're quick on the trigger, or vice-versa. ASPORA's press release suggests readers interested in learning more visit their website. We visited the site and at the time of writing, ASPORA's web presence was/is extremely limited. It lacks fundamental information such as company location, background, strategic partnership details, hosting information, and licensing data. It is rich (if not overly done) with "flash-like" graphics that lead to orphaned pages. Overall, the "debut" is slim. Could it be the marketing department got a little ahead of itself? Given time, perhaps ASPORA will catch up with its announcement, or simply fall victim to its own rhetoric.

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