J.D. Edwards Teams with FRx Software to Improve Reporting Solutions

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: January 14 2000

Event Summary

"DENVER, Dec. 14, 1999 - J.D. Edwards & Company (NASDAQ: JDEC), the leading supplier of agile software solutions for E-Business announced today its support for FRx Software Corporation's new initiatives designed to broaden its position as a premier supplier of financial reporting software. J.D. Edwards' enterprise business software coupled with FRx's financial reporting solutions enable corporate finance professionals to more easily access, analyze and distribute financial data throughout the enterprise for more informed decision making.

J.D. Edwards' business software and the FRx products integrate financial data from multiple sources and enable access, consolidation, reporting, analysis and distribution of financial information across the enterprise, for use by corporate finance professionals. FRx products provide financial report distribution capabilities via email and the Internet and instant on-line analytical processing (OLAP) to analyze and chart financial data. Also, using the standard XML format with FRx products and J.D. Edwards' applications, financial reports can be processed via the Internet, which eliminates global barriers and results in greater efficiency and improved information sharing."

"FRx enhances the significant investment customers have made in their J.D. Edwards systems," said Robert Rohan, vice president of strategic alliances at FRx Software Corp. "Corporate financial executives can continue to unleash the value of the data stored in the J.D. Edwards system by using FRx to combine it with other financial data from across the enterprise and to perform rich reporting and analysis. The result is strategic knowledge that has a major impact on a company's decision-making capability."

Market Impact

This is the latest salvo in major ERP vendor attempts to make it easier for customers to access detailed transactional data, one of the greatest ERP functional and architectural challenges. Companies realize they have a wealth of valuable information in their ERP databases, and have had no way to access or consolidate it with other transactional systems. This makes any vendor announcement in this space a competitive sales opportunity. However, J.D. Edward's approach seems to be to gather all the data from the distinct datasources through the FRx reporting engine, rather than to build a data warehouse. The warehouse approach would be a more efficient use of network and CPU resources over time, and is the approach taken by other vendors such as SAP and PeopleSoft. In addition, building OLAP cubes on the fly is very resource intensive. The upside is that the data is completely current as of the time the report is run. Sales representatives for the various ERP vendors will argue long and hard as to which approach is better.

User Recommendations

Customers investigating ERP solutions should include J.D. Edwards on their selection list. However, the vendor should be closely questioned as to exactly what mechanics FRx Software is using for data access, and how tightly the two products are integrated. Potential customers should make sure to involve their database and network administrators in the discussions.

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