Jaspersoft 4 Goes Big Data

On January 11, 2011, Jaspersoft launched a new version of its business intelligence (BI) suite named Jaspersoft 4, and just a couple of weeks later, on January 25, the open source BI provider launched a new set of software tools that provides support for a wider variety of data sources in the “Big Data” space. This is a clear sign that BI applications will come to address a wider number of data sources and expand the reach as well as the size of the information that BI systems can handle.

The product launch provides support for a wide range of massive data storage engines and platforms, such as Hadoop, a wide variety of NoSQL databases, such as Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, CouchDB, VoltDB, among others, and commercial massive parallel processing (MPP) analytic databases, such as IBM’s Netezza, Vertica, and EMC Greenplum.

In Jaspersoft’s press release, Brian Gentile, chief executive officer (CEO) of Jaspersoft stated that “Jaspersoft's vision goes well beyond Big Data. Our modern architecture and agnostic data source support is tailored for the cloud, from IaaS [infrastructure as a service] to PaaS [platform as a service], in public or private. In particular, NoSQL support puts us in the driver's seat to become the de facto embedded standard for reporting and analysis within PaaS cloud environments.”

Two points are worth mentioning here. This launch solidifies the immersion of NoSQL databases into the BI and enterprise software mainstream. It also attests to the commitment of open source providers in supplying in this case BI solutions focused on big corporations that handle and analyze large volumes of data.

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