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Jaspersoft 4, New Year . . . New Gear

Written By: Jorge Garcia
Published On: January 19 2011

On January 11, 2011, Jaspersoft launched a new version of its BI suite named Jaspersoft 4. The open source software provider will be promoting its new business intelligence (BI) suite designed to provide users with self-service BI features via its Web Application user interface (UI). Built on open Web standards, Jaspersoft 4 is a complete Web application, and it’s ready to be deployed on premise as well as under Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) environments.

One of the features that makes Jaspersoft’s new version so interesting is its new architecture, which enables users to customize their personal solutions on the front end, with no impact on back-end functionality. Its layer-based architecture allows users to work on cascading style sheets (CSS), separating the design of BI solutions in functional and presentation layers, which makes the development process easier and faster. This feature accelerates the customization process as well as supports the interaction of Jaspersoft’s BI solutions with other Web applications.

According to Brian Gentile, chief executive officer (CEO) of Jaspersoft, "The proliferation of data within web applications and the transition of IT services to an on-demand utility requires a flexible, web standards-based BI platform that is ready for deployment anywhere, and for any information consumer profile."
Figure 1. Jaspersoft’s Dashboard
Figure 1. Jaspersoft’s Dashboard

With a number of global partners, such as Red Hat, Talend, and Cloudera, and more than 12 million product downloads and customers including Verizon and Virgin Money, Jaspersoft intends to deliver a BI solution capable of accomplishing all functional requirements for a modern BI solution deployment.

Figure 2. Designing the Layout
Figure 2. Designing the Layout

It is clear that BI software providers are aware of the need for better, easier, and faster ways to deploy BI solutions without augmenting risk for failure or diminishing quality. The race is on for solutions that can put BI apps on everyone’s desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

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