Jaspersoft Launches Hourly Pricing for BI Server

jaspersoft_logo150.pngJaspersoft, a provider of open source–based software specializing in business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications, has announced the general availability of its BI platform on Amazon Web Services.

This offering will be able to run as a standalone version or embedded within a third-party application. But its price schema is the real innovation for the BI cloud space—instead of being charged monthly, users will be charged for usage by the hour, with no limitations on data usage an no monthly fee.

Certified for connectivity with Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and its latest data warehousing service called Redshift, it will enable users to deploy and configure a Jaspersoft working environment at a fast pace.

Karl Van den Bergh, Jaspersoft's vice president of product and alliances, stated:
This is about market disruption. We are going after the petabytes of data in the cloud that have not yet been tapped for insight because current BI offerings are too expensive and too restrictive. With this new BI service, we are allowing millions of developers and IT professionals to easily and cost-effectively power the intelligence inside their cloud applications.

The offering will be available starting at 53 cents per hour, including EC2 machine charges.

Is there any doubt that BI is undergoing consumerization? Small and medium organizations have a new attractive offering to consider when developing and deploying analytics and BI initiatives. You might want to give it a try here.
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