Jaspersoft and VMware to Start Delivering BI for Cloud Applications

jaspersoftlogo.pngToday Jaspersoft entered into a partnership agreement with VMware to integrate Jaspersoft’s business intelligence (BI) platform into Cloud Foundry, the open platform as a service (PaaS). This will make it possible for Jaspersoft to provide analysis and reporting capabilities within a cloud-based application development framework.

In this regard, Jerry Chen, vice president (VP) of cloud and application services from VMware states:
“As VMware pairs with leading organizations to build out the Cloud Foundry™ ecosystem, we are pleased to work with Jaspersoft to integrate its business intelligence platform with Cloud Foundry.”

With this partnership, VMware reinforces its major open-cloud initiative by adding Jaspersoft to its list of important partners, which includes ActiveState and Joyent, and expands its offering to other types of business and information technology (IT) software areas. Jerry Chen says:
“Jaspersoft is thrilled to partner with VMware to build out business intelligence for PaaS.”

Karl Van den Bergh, VP of product alliances from Jaspersoft, adds:
“It seems Jaspersoft is taking big steps towards the cloud, especially more in the form of a PaaS approach, which seems to be a trend within other software vendors both in BI and other business software areas.”

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