Jitterbit: Integration in Harmony

California-based provider of cloud-based application and data integration solutions Jitterbit has taken its strategy to offer a platform better adapted to the new requirements of integration at many layers a step further with the release of its integration offering, the Harmony Integration Cloud Platform.

In the words of Jitterbit, the Harmony platform will “make it easy for companies to amplify the value of their business apps by connecting them across the entire enterprise in days, rather than weeks or months. This new solution fulfills Jitterbit’s promise to unify ten years of integration innovation and expertise into a single cloud platform designed for the real-life requirements of modern CIOs and enterprise architects.” 

The new integration platform comprises both new and existing capabilities from the Jitterbit stack, such as Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce, which has been used live by around 5,000 customers.

According to Jitterbit, some of the main functionality features available on Harmony include:
  • direct connection to a wide number of applications and data sources
  • the ability to add business logic and availability of a built-in formula library
  • a full-fledged integration lifecycle management solution
  • the ability to perform and run integrations in the cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid deployments
  • smart migration capabilities
  •  capabilities for cloud resource management and a full integration process visual designer

Jitterbit’s single integration platform Harmony

With Harmony, Jitterbit aims to provide a platform that can integrate a wide range of data and applications, and offer device transparency so users can see the availability of information no matter the source of origin, as well as secure and reliable mechanisms for the administration of this integration.

It seems that now more than ever, integration is critically important for a vast number of organizations. Companies are seeking to consolidate both data and process integration to increase efficiency of the data management process, and to reach further levels of integration with new types of systems and data sources.

Integration is becoming more important than ever, and the Jitterbit Harmony Integration Cloud Platform is a good example of this clear trend in the IT industry.
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