Jobscope Enterprise Edition Is Now a TEC Certified ERP ETO Solution

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Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that Jobscope Enterprise Edition (JEE) is now TEC Certified for enterprise resource planning engineer-to-order (ERP ETO) solutions under TEC’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Evaluation Center. To obtain TEC certification, Jobscope completed TEC’s detailed research questionnaire and went through a formal comprehensive demonstration of JEE with TEC analysts.

Jobscope has more than 30 years’ experience providing solutions to job- and project-based manufacturing organizations that operate ETO, make-to-order (MTO), and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) shops. Jobscope’s founders were hands-on manufacturing managers and software developers. The initial solution ran in IBM environments, and the solution was migrated to Microsoft SQL database in the mid-90s. The development is done using Microsoft .NET development tools.  (Jobscope still supports customers wishing to run on IBM iSeries and AS400 hardware.) You can see TEC’s complete profile for JEE here.

JEE is a well-rounded and full-function ERP solution targeted toward small to medium businesses (SMBs). Jobscope’s sweet spot is businesses with revenues in the $10M to $500M (USD) range, although it can scale to larger organizations. Along with the focus on ETO/MTO/MRO verticals, JEE is also successfully used by government contractors and aerospace & defense companies. Overall, JEE provides a surprisingly big bang for the buck to SMBs requiring a full-featured ERP solution.

JEE provides a broad range of features including: online order entry, tracking, modification, and inquiry; shared information for both project-based and customer records; project scheduling at shop floor level and management level; automatic updating of job cost from transactions entered throughout the system; workflow handling from design in AutoCAD all the way through to execution; automatic assignment of routings based on part disposition; views of linkages between work orders and ability to change of linkages; quality assurance inspections and online entry of inspection results; tracking of vendor price quotation; creation of project-based planned purchase orders and purchase orders; and multiple stocking locations/multiple bins.

JEE also has highly developed mobile support; an example of JEE on mobile is shown below:

Below is summary report showing how JEE stacks up against the average ERP ETO solution in TEC’s online evaluation center for ERP:

Jobscope’s operating model is to not do any outsourcing or selling via resellers. All of Jobscope’s efforts are managed by direct resources from sales, through implementation consultants, and into development and support. It certainly isn’t the most cost-effective means of handling support, but its quoted 95% retention rate is a reflection of the quality of support JobScope’s customers receive. Jobscope’s focus is implementing in a way such that customers are capable of being supported over the long term with version upgrades they can do independently and without the need for customizations that often stand in the way or add to the cost of upgrades.

Jobscope only sells the entire suite license with full functionality to its customers; it doesn’t nickel and dime a customer by charging X dollars for the core solution and oh, by the way, that will be another Y dollars for the customer relationship management module.

I am writing a complete certification report for Jobscope Enterprise Edition (JEE), with more on the product’s background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as benchmarking analysis on different functionality areas. The full report will be available in a few weeks on the TEC 2013 Certification Reports page. Stay tuned for that report, and in the meantime, you can see how JEE stacks up against the competition in the ETO ERP space in much greater detail using TEC’s proprietary TEC Advisor tool now.
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