Joint SAP-MolecularHealth Project to Improve Cancer Treatment

sap_logo1102.pngDuring the SAPPHIRE Now and SAP TechEd conference in Madrid, it was announced that MolecularHealth, a provider of clinico-molecular informatics, has signed a partnership with SAP to improve oncologists' efforts in enhancing the quality of treatment for cancer patients. By improving the decision-making process, oncologists will be able to provide better personalized treatments.

The project involves the use of the SAP HANA platform to translate high volumes of clinical, molecular, and drug information in real time into more effective treatment choices. Lloyd K. Everson, M.D., president and chief operating officer of American Oncology Resources, Inc., stated:
The growing numbers of available therapies and the rapidly expanding body of biomedical knowledge have led to great hope for treating patients, but at the same time there are increasing challenges due to the complexity in the clinical decision-making process. But today the practice of medicine is undergoing a technology-driven revolution to realize the goals of truly personalizing therapy and improving clinical efficiency. MolecularHealth has taken a unique approach to the integrated analysis of clinical and genetic data. The company is contextualizing these data with drug-related information for precise and safer treatment considerations by doctors. Powered by SAP HANA, MolecularHealth’s personalized cancer therapy solutions aim to help oncologists achieve the potential of precision medicine.

The offering from MolecularHealth supported by SAP technology has the potential to change the way patients are treated and how the industry operates by providing customized treatments. And the combination of SAP HANA with cloud and mobile services is expected to bring a versatile and useful service for specialists and researchers.

By providing accurate and timely information, real-time computing has a lot of potential within the life sciences for better diagnostics, prevention, and treatment.
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