Just One Hop Away From San Jose

  • Written By: G. Duhaime
  • Published: May 30 2000

Just One Hop Away From San Jose
G. Duhaime -May 30, 2000

Event Summary

Chelmsford, MA-Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has reached an agreement to purchase the vacant Compaq/Digital Systems facility in Salem, NH. This facility consists of 110 acres and a manufacturing/office facility of 674,000 square feet.

This New England Manufacturing Center ties in with Cisco Systems plans to develop a strong presence inside New England. Earlier this year Cisco announced plans to open a facility called the New England Development Center in Massachusetts.

The New England Manufacturing Center is going to be utilized for the enormous growth in Optical Networking. The next generation of networking equipment is only part of the plan for this facility. This facility will also produce traditional high-speed switching and routing equipment.

Market Impact

The New England Manufacturing Center is looking to leverage the tremendous talent pool inside New England to further the development of Optical Networks. Optical based networks are being driven by the growing demand for bandwidth and high volumes of data required for true voice over IP, video and data applications.

With the growing demands on corporate network infrastructure and Internet based applications this facility plays a major role towards developing the next generation of Optical Networking for Cisco. Cisco's intent to use this facility to both design and test the next generation of network hardware shows Cisco's commitment to its user community.

Cisco plans on having 500 employees producing Optical-networking equipment by years end in its new Salem Facility. Cisco anticipates this facility to employ 2,500 people within the next 3 to 5 years.

User Recommendations

The job market just got a little brighter inside New England for qualified personnel. Cisco's announcement will help decrease the already low unemployment figures in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and increase competition for top-notch IT professionals.

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