K2 Takes BPM Mobile

K2 has released an updated K2 Mobile app for iPhone and iPad users. The app, available for current K2 blackpearl and K2 Appit customers, provides users with access to K2 tasks on their iPhone or iPad.
Customers can use the K2 Mobile app to review and respond to any K2 task, across any process, so they can access data directly from their iPhone or iPad and redirect or share tasks with other users. The new release is native to iOS 7, but K2 already has Android and Blackberry applications.
K2 blackpearl allows customers to build and run business process management (BPM) applications, including forms, workflow, data, and reports. K2 blackpearl connects people to information anywhere, anytime, and from any device, allowing them to allocate work to the right people, across enterprises and within departments.
On the other hand, K2 Appit delivers workflow apps for Microsoft SharePoint, in the cloud. It delivers workflow apps using no-code designers, within SharePoint, and enables the addition of intuitive forms and data from line-of-business systems to deliver more full-featured apps. Appit works equally well with on-premises SharePoint 2013 environments or with SharePoint Online. Users don't pay for all SharePoint users—only those who use Appit, and they can use Appit across all their SharePoint sites.
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