KYB Japan Selects QAD On Demand Global Cloud ERP

In this cutthroat competitive market for global manufacturing enterprise software, brand new deals are not that frequent an occasion for QAD, but the vendor now has a vast opportunity to expand business at existing customers. Global manufacturers are increasingly turning to QAD On Demand as their trusted cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution owing to the  product's flexible deployment options, global capabilities, and predicable cost structure. Most recently, QAD announced that KYB Japan has selected QAD On Demand for some of its divisions.

KYB, one of the world’s largest suppliers of shocks and struts to vehicle manufacturers ($3 billion [USD] in revenue, with more than 12,300 employees and products sold in more than 100 countries), has been a QAD on-premises ERP customer since 2005, and will initially transition to QAD On Demand Automotive Edition in France and the United Arab Emirates. As a supplier to major automakers, including GM, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Infiniti, Chrysler, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus, and Volkswagen, KYB recognized the benefits of selecting the QAD cloud ERP model to support its business strategy.

KYB’s global enterprise consists of 32 facilities in 21 countries and 29 manufacturing plants, of which 17 are in Asia, five in North America, one in Brazil, and six in Europe. The company needed a better way to support operations—and reduce costs over the next two years. QAD’s cloud ERP offers KYB, with the largest production volume of any automotive shock supplier, the opportunity to reduce costs and improve quality and delivery performance. QAD’s global capabilities with built-in support for local languages, currencies, business practices, and legal requirements should enable KYB to align its global operations to strategic goals.

Since 2007, QAD has been working closely with many of its global manufacturing customers to build a clear plan to recognize the benefits of moving to cloud ERP. QAD offers flexible deployment options that allow customers like KYB to blend deployment of ERP in the public cloud and on premise. QAD’s architecture supports deployment portability and deployment independence, allowing manufacturers to have a combination of QAD On Premise and QAD On Demand at different sites, simultaneously (see article for more details). Customers thus benefit from the same functionality, business processes, internationalizations, and user experience across QAD Enterprise Applications regardless of the deployment model.
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