Kasten Consulting AG Buys Majority Share of IntellAgent Control

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Event Summary

ORLANDO, FL - January 17, 2000 - Today, Kasten Consulting AG (Kasten) Headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany, announced the purchase of the controlling interest in IntellAgent Control Corporation (ICC), a Dallas, Texas based Lotus Premier Business Partner. (Source:Kasten).

Market Impact

The controlling interest Kasten now has in ICC will enable Kasten to have a total CRM and customer support solution that can be sold worldwide. IntellAgent Control Corp produces and supports enterprise relationship management solutions for the Lotus Notes Domino Platform and automates sales processes.

Prior to the acquisition, IntellAgent had an installed base of greater than 18,000 seats.

Kasten is one of the premier Lotus partners in EMEA, with five locations in Germany. Kasten produces a wide variety of Lotus Notes based products and continues to acquire other Notes based organizations in order to continue its growth.

User Recommendations

On the surface, this looks like a good marriage for organizations utilizing Lotus Notes. However, with all mergers there are always bumps in the road. Make certain that the corporate strategy and direction following the merger completion matches your own prior to investing in software and services. We recommend (assuming you do not already have a IntellAgent Solution in place) is to hold off on purchasing for a six month period to allow the transition issues to subside.

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