Kentico EMS v7 Is TEC Certified for WCM

Kentico Kentico successfully completed the TEC Certification process for its Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) version 7. Evolving for nearly a decade now, Kentico’s Web content management (WCM) solution has progressed significantly. The company’s well-rounded offering and attainable pricing (designed for a variety of scenarios) has helped it expand its client base.

If you’re evaluating WCM applications, you should download this free certification report to find out more about Kentico’s offering. You can also evaluate the product for your own requirements using TEC Advisor free of charge.

Initially, Kentico focused its WCM application at developers, targeting a clientele of agencies that would make use of it in their work building a variety of Web sites. It’s since been adopted by organizations across the spectrum of industries and is well suited for the budgets of small- to medium-sized organizations.

Kentico is putting a lot of attention into the marketing requirements that companies have in their Web sites. This includes things like a lead scoring system, and it has integrated functionality and logic to get some of the experience management "wow" factor that the larger vendors tout. It supports marketing automation activities through the same type of workflow management interface that it uses for EMS’s advanced workflow management of administrative and editorial processes. This reflects some of the strides Kentico has taken to improve version 7’s workflow capabilities. The screenshot below shows the start of building a workflow with the solution's drag-and-drop interface.

Start building a workflow in Kentico EMS v7

Kentico has also been conscientious in developing support for translation activities, which is something that is often not as well developed in applications priced at this level. The system has a user-friendly, side-by-side interface that translators can use to go from the default language (or “culture” in Kentico’s terminology) to the translated one. Kentico has clear indicators to help translators identify where translations are required as well as compare versions of translations.  Finally, the workflow system can be put to use for a split editing and translation process.

Kentico EMS can provide a solid set of WCM functionality that small-to-medium organizations would hope to get from a vendor at their budget range. It comes ready to support some advanced editorial requirements, security roles and permissions, an integrated media library, e-commerce, marketing, workflows, various social media components, and a number of integration add-ons from the company’s market place.

The following screenshot, based on TEC's model of research about WCM systems, shows how the quantity of Kentico product features (without underlying technical requirements such as server or database platforms) stack up compared with an overall benchmark of what you can typically find on average across the WCM market.

Overview of Kentico EMS v7 Based on the TEC Model of WCM systems

Although Kentico competes favorably against what you’d find on average in the market, there are areas that lack some features or could stand for improvement. For example, Kentico’s method for handling taxonomies or categories could be somewhat unwieldy or restrictive in complex scenarios or ones that involve great quantities of diverse document types. You can find some perspective about areas such as this, which Kentico users have requested on its UserVoice forum. I'll give Kentico credit for commenting on these areas and trying to provide transparency on its future development plans.

To get a better idea of the Kentico EMS functionality as it applies to your particular requirements, log in to TEC Advisor, prioritize your requirements, and see where Kentico provides suitable functionality.
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