Kerridge K8 Is Now TEC Certified

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TEC is pleased to announce that K8 by Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) is now TEC Certified for evaluation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) for distribution.

kerridge-logo.jpgTEC Certification is designed to help organizations evaluate enterprise software solutions so they can make more informed buying decisions. For a product to be certified, the vendor must complete a detailed research questionnaire and deliver a formal product demonstration to show our analysts the product's support for a specific set of real-world business processes.

KCS has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, with offices in Ireland, the Netherlands, and South Africa. KCS has a strong international presence and serves over 700 customers with 50,000 users at more than 3,500 trade locations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australasia. The company currently has its sights set on North America and the Middle East. More background on KCS is available through TEC’s IT Showcase.

K8 is a fully integrated business management system developed specifically for the distributive trades. The company’s deep sector knowledge is based on over 36 years’ experience supporting the distributive trades industries, which include wholesalers, distributors, merchants, and retailers.

A typical customer who uses K8 often has complex business processes. The customers may have a mixture of credit account and cash sales, product delivery methods, complex products and stocks with added value service, vertical specific needs, complex pricing and rebate models, and a complex supply chain. KCS solutions have been installed and in use at customer sites for more than a decade, indicating a high degree of customer satisfaction.

KCS’ K8 solution is flexible and robust in that it supports multiple companies, brands, branches, currencies, and languages. The product's multi-language support is very well built; multiple users can be operating in different languages within the same company. Additionally, K8 has a built-in language translation suite.

K8 is a full-function ERP solution that supports all core functional areas in TEC’s model of ERP for distribution, with more than 3,500 functional criteria.  The functional areas of financials, human resources, supply chain management, distribution process management, and retail and point of sale (POS) are all strongly supported and K8 scores above the industry average in all these areas. K8 rates in TEC’s “dominant zone” in the supply chain management and retail and commerce functional areas.

Based on the comprehensive software comparison data that TEC possesses, K8 stacks up as a highly competitive solution against other vendors in the ERP for distribution space. The system is designed for ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. Along with a robust solution is a solid company with a strong history of supporting its customers for the long term. The company also has a vision and strategy for continuing to innovate and move forward with a global customer base into the 21st century.

You can see how K8 stacks up to the competition in much greater detail using TEC’s proprietary TEC Advisor tool now. Stay tuned for the KCS K8 Certification Report by TEC, with more on the product’s background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. The report will be available in a few weeks on the TEC 2012 Certification report archive.
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