KeyedIn Solutions Ready for Launch in Houston

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: February 26 2013

On February 26, KeyedIn™ Solutions formally launched its new KeyedIn Manufacturing cloud solution at the Houstex manufacturing conference in Houston, Texas. KeyedIn Manufacturing is the latest entrant into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) for small to medium businesses (SMBs) space. TEC wanted to get more background on the product and had the opportunity to speak with Karen Adame, chief product officer at KeyedIn Solutions. We’ll share some highlights from that discussion here.

Genesis of KeyedIn Manufacturing
KeyedIn Manufacturing is an entirely new solution that has been developed from scratch using KeyedIn Solutions’ recently acquired rapid application development (RAD) platform—KeyedIn Flex. Karen Adame said, “KeyedIn Manufacturing has gone from white board to web in only three months.” KeyedIn’s subject matter experts worked with the development team using the KeyedIn Flex platform to build out the manufacturing solution in an amazingly short period of time. The application is architected and built entirely on the cloud.

KeyedIn Manufacturing Market Focus
KeyedIn Manufacturing is being built to meet the needs of custom product manufacturers. These are companies that need to produce small runs of a custom product for their customers; for example, a company that works closely with its customer to design and fabricate a limited run of a new product. These companies are often running configure-to-order or make-to-order manufacturing processes. The  product needs to be manufactured quickly and efficiently, yet the company still needs a system which can provide the support for the key business processes to deliver the product.

This is a fresh and unique approach to providing a solution for small manufacturing companies. KeyedIn isn’t focusing on a particular vertical or micro-vertical as are some solution providers. They simply want to provide a solution that solves the business needs of custom product manufactures.

KeyedIn will initially target United States–based manufacturers. KeyedIn sees a huge market for small to midsize manufacturing companies. “There is a significant unmet need for hundreds of thousands of small business manufacturers in the U.S. alone,” said Karen Adame.

Post-launch Trajectory
In a short time, KeyedIn Solutions is rocketing into the cloud to catch the eyes and ears of small manufacturers and their IT dollars. KeyedIn has plenty of competition from established players like Plex Online, IQMS, Sage, and Epicor to name a few. It will also have to stand out against the solution providers making their products available on the platform, including Rootstock and Kenandy.

However, KeyedIn has the experience and pedigree to be to be a strong player in the market. It will be very interesting to see how KeyedIn Manufacturing develops after launch, and whether it can maintain the meteoric trajectory that it has started with KeyedIn Manufacturing.
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