Kinaxis and WNS Enter a Strategic Partnership

Early in 2013, WNS Holdings Ltd, a provider of global business process outsourcing (BPO) services, announced its strategic partnership with Kinaxis, the provider of RapidResponse, an enterprise cloud service for supply chain management (SCM) and sales and operations planning (S&OP). RapidResponse is a single product that delivers the underlying planning, simulation, and collaboration capabilities essential to making long-term and short-term demand and supply balancing decisions across the enterprise. RapidResponse’s SCM applications—S&OP, Master Planning & Scheduling (MPS), Capacity and Constraint Management, Inventory and Supply Management, Engineering Change Management, Demand Management, and Order Promise Management—can be deployed using a common data model and user interface (UI).

With RapidResponse in its arsenal of resources, WNS hopes to transform via its platform-based BPO services and solutions how clients manage their supply chains consistent with the challenges and realities of today’s volatile business environment. For its part, the recently upbeat Kinaxis hereby addresses its two still weaker spots: mid-market deployments and partner ecosystem. Kinaxis continues to be interested in the mid-market and is always looking for partners that can take RapidResponse into this space, especially as a managed service rather than as a software sale. WNS is skilled in both the mid-market and in managed services (BPO) in the retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing, and electronics industries, so it seems like a good fit. The agreement doesn’t cover India yet, but I would imagine that the relationship will progress in this area as well. Make no mistake, WNS is not restricted to the mid-market, but this is where Kinaxis sees the firm providing it the greatest leverage.
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