Kognitio Goes Amazon

kognitio1.pngIf there’s any doubt as to whether the potential of big data could be exploited via the cloud, Kognitio has put that to rest. The cloud analytics database provider has announced the immediate availability of its in-memory analytics platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS), via the AWS Marketplace.

With this move, Kognitio continues with its plans to bring its in-memory platform to a wider number of users, particularly those already using the AWS offerings. By installing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), users will be able to create a Kognitio environment directly on the Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2) service.

In this regard, John Coppins, senior vice president of Kognitio stated:
“AWS’ flexibility, coupled with Kognitio Cloud’s ease of use and scalability, makes it possible for companies to load and obtain results from terabyte-sized data sets within 15 minutes.”

Coppins added that this model will allow users to run queries for as little as 64 cents per hour, and will include a full production license.

The announcement offers up an interesting combination of potential cost and usage benefits. Users will be able to have a pay-as-consume schema and reap all the benefits that the cloud provides—a movement that could convince a greater number of organizations of all sizes to move to the cloud.

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