Kronos Simplifies Workforce Big Data with Self-service Visualization

One of the major announcements at the KronosWorks 2013 conference was about the transformative change coming to Kronos Workforce Analytics at the end of 2013. By leveraging Microstrategy Visual Insight, Kronos intends to put the power of workforce data analytics into the hands of the managers who can immediately act on it by leveraging data visualization and exploration tools.

The introduction of data visualization and exploration capabilities allows users to find meaning in raw data (including external data feeds) faster, helping to transform critical workforce data into actionable insight. Business analysts should have the ability to quickly explore, understand, and act on data to improve financial results.

Synthesizing significant volumes of overtime, absence, scheduling, and productivity data against industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), Workforce Analytics could help organizations keep labor expenses predictable and within budget while maximizing employee productivity. Graphically depicting data in a clear and effective format, Workforce Analytics delivers the following:

  • Enhanced visibility—With more than 45 visualization options, incorporating internal and external data in different ways, users can see meaning in high-volume workforce data faster. For example, heat map visualization uses color-coding and 2D imaging to make performance patterns more obvious to the naked eye.

  • Intuitive cause and effect analysis—Visualizations can be linked and used to filter data and drill down to the underlying cause within the visual image. With potential problem areas identified, users can conduct further analysis to determine necessary steps, which is a leap forward from previously relying on data reports and charts.

  • Self-service analytics—Guided discovery provides the ability to quickly see patterns, trends, and relationships that previously required an experienced analyst.

  • Ease of use—Users can quickly and easily create dynamic and interactive dashboards with visualization tools using drag-and-drop actions, which can be shared with colleagues to magnify the insight’s impact across the organization.

  • Enhanced access and agilityWorkforce Analytics Tablet users can now access core functions and features of the suite anywhere and at any time.

For now, the data volumes in the industries Kronos targets do not yet demand in-memory database capabilities (as opposed to, say, financial institutions and insurances). As Bill Bartow, vice president, global product management, Kronos, states, "The addition of data visualization and exploration to Workforce Analytics delivers on a key tenet of big data’s promise: the ability to quickly and intuitively understand complex relationships in high-volume data sets to take meaningful and corrective action."
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