Kronos Unveils Workforce Central 7

kronos1.jpgKronos Incorporated unveils a major new version for workforce management, Workforce Central 7. The release includes improved features for real-time workforce management and scheduling, labor cost tracking, and for effectively managing a global business workforce.

Among other things, new functionality focuses on the delivery of key workforce information in real time. For example, the intelligent, suite-wide search capabilities help managers find the people, schedules, exceptions, skills, and certifications that they require. Similarly, the new "pinning" feature allows managers to select and prioritize only the locations they require to monitor at a given time.

Kronos also introduced new scheduling capabilities such as configurable schedule views, user interface improvements to manipulate scheduling data, a new calendar view to enter availability and shift preferences, improved shift-swapping workflows, shift requests directed at employees that meet the eligibility requirements, new schedule-to-skill feature, the option to evaluate proficiency levels when planning for the right staffing mix, enhanced individual store budgeting and planning, copying or moving existing locations, as well as 'quick actions' to edit and update schedules.

From a labor costing tracking perspective, Workforce Central 7 introduces enhanced visibility of labor cost information such as new labor views to display the status of grants, projects, or work orders, or an enhanced activity view with drill-down and roll-up capabilities. In addition, flexible features such as the option to have multiple supervisors to sign off on an employee's hours, or workforce analytics with a core dashboard and predefined and customizable reports complement the offering.

New internationalization features for global businesses have also been added to the new release. Workforce Central 7 is able to support languages such as Italian, Korean, and Polish. Also, new labor rule extensions to accommodate region-specific overtime laws in several countries including China have been added.

The new functionality included by Workforce Central 7, as well as previous announcements that Kronos made, demonstrate that Kronos is committed to focusing on information and data management to better support the demands of its customers.
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