Lacoste Selects Manhattan Associates for Omnichannel Retail

Lacoste has selected Manhattan Associates’ Enterprise Order Management solution to orchestrate its omnichannel retail operations and facilitate the company’s continued growth. The global fashion brand generated a retail sales turnover of 1.8 billion euros in 2012. In the 114 countries where the brand is present, Lacoste products are sold every two seconds in LACOSTE shops, department stores, and throughout selected points of sale.
Manhattan’s Enterprise Order Management solution intelligently sources inventory across a retailer’s network of distribution centers, suppliers, and stores, and makes it available to sell through any channel. The solution also provides a single view of inventory and customer transactions across the retail enterprise, enabling every channel to work together to create a seamless customer experience (for more info, read TEC post).
Manhattan’s success with large and innovative omnichannel retailers and across multiple geographies was critical in Lacoste’s selection of Enterprise Order Management. With Manhattan’s technology, Lacoste hopes to be able to deliver a consistent brand and unified shopping experience to its customers. The technology will provide Lacoste customer service representatives (CSRs) with a single view of customer transactions and network-wide inventory, while giving shoppers control of when, where, and how they receive their goods.
In essence, CSRs in call centers and stores will now be able to swiftly search using any piece of customer or order information, service inquiries across all touch points, and fulfill the order with stock from any channel. The expected benefit is a great customer experience and building brand loyalty. Lacoste will initially deploy Enterprise Order Management first in the United States, and then globally to its omnichannel retail operations throughout Europe and Asia.
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