Large Canadian Luggage Retailer Bentley Opts for Oracle Retail

The Bentley Group is one of Canada's largest luggage and bags retailers, with stores located in practically every mall across the country. It operates more than 400 retail stores and has a central distribution center, and it has selected Oracle Retail solutions for its operations.

Oracle's press release does not provide any details regarding the selection project or state the exact reasons why the software was selected, but it's known that three solutions will be implemented: Oracle Retail Merchandising Operations Management, Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization, and Oracle Retail Supply Chain Planning and Execution. In addition, Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics will be also deployed to provide real-time customer data and various analysis tools to improve the company's decision making.

According to the vendor, Bentley chose Oracle's solutions because it provides a "scalable, open and flexible platform", and, valuable also for the customer, the software incorporates industry best practices. Indeed, as Oracle is a developer of world-class retail software, this product may bring new depth to Bentley's business.
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