Looks To Descartes For Same-Day Delivery Help

  • Written By: Steve McVey
  • Published: August 17 2000 Looks To Descartes For Same-Day Delivery Help
S. McVey - August 17, 2000

Event Summary, a nationwide online network of independent same-day delivery companies in the U.S., has licensed Descartes' DeliveryNet solution for transportation and logistics to enable the distribution of e-commerce purchases to businesses and consumers. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Lasership has assembled a nationwide network of over 225 courier companies in more than 80 cities that it uses to deliver a wide range of products from partner retailers to their customers. While it is currently focused on B2B transactions, the company has indicated it may one day apply its delivery capabilities to the business-to-consumer market.

Lasership will use Descartes' Route Optimization solution, which forms a component of DeliveryNet applications for home delivery and logistics. The route scheduling module can perform static or dynamic street-level routing with fine geographic granularity to generate highly accurate driving directions and scheduling precision. Optimization is achieved through sophisticated routing algorithms and highly detailed street-level maps to produce optimal, least-cost routes by factoring multiple parameters and constraints.

Market Impact

Lasership and other pioneers in the field of same-day delivery, such as (also a Descartes client), have a distinct advantage over the Amazon.coms of the world in that they can offer same-day delivery at a potentially lower cost than the overnight delivery option at many centralized Internet retailers. The downside is that inventory many not be available for certain items in a customer's local region, requiring multi-day delivery times through a distributed network that may not be properly equipped for long-distance shipments.

Descartes' solutions are designed to address the complicated logistics requirements of companies like Lasership, which are made more difficult by security issues and demand that can be impossible to predict. In fact, the difficulties are so large that advanced supply chain optimization and visibility solutions such as those offered by Descartes are a veritable necessity for same-day delivery service providers.

User Recommendations

Same day delivery is a relatively recent phenomenon for the Internet, especially of a scale to that which Lasership aspires. Those companies wishing to take on Lasership and DeliverEtoday directly or even those who want to improve the efficiency of existing delivery services should place Descartes on a short list of vendors, partly because it has rich functionality in routing and scheduling, but also because it has many other products aimed at logistics-intensive companies and also has considerable experience in deploying its solutions over the Internet in a hosted model.

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