Layer 3 or Bust

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Layer 3 or Bust
G. Duhaime - June 12 , 2000

Event Summary

Extreme Networks, Inc. continues its dominance in the Layer 3 switching market. It is the number one provider in the Layer 3 market place for both 10/100 Mbps as well as Gigabit Ethernet ports.

According to a report released by Dell'Oro Group, Extreme Networks holds 24% of the 10/100 MB layer 3 switch market. Along with capturing the 10/100 MB market, Extreme has totally dominated the Gigabit Layer 3 market by capturing approximately 40% of the Gigabit ports shipped this quarter.

Extreme Networks dominance in the Layer 3 market place is nothing new, as it has dominated the network market since it came onto the scene back in "96". Extreme has gone up against the big and well established (Cisco and Nortel) and conquered them on a regular basis.

Market Impact

It has become customary to see Extreme Networks either number one or two every quarter for total number of ports shipped. It would be more of a concern if Extreme was not listed as one of the top two providers in layer 3 ports shipped.

Extreme Networks is not only delivering quality in its product, but value as well. Extreme Networks dominance is related to the overall product suite. This product suite includes top rated network devices; state of the art ASICS and a software management package that ties everything together in an integrated suite of technology.

Extreme Networks market share is also a direct correlation to its 40 plus industry related awards and its growing worldwide presence. Extreme has shown the network world that your name does not need to have a "C" in it to be an industry leader.

User Recommendations

Extreme Networks is the leading provider in the Layer 3 Switching network space because it delivers quality and solid technology at a reasonable price.

Extreme's user community is probably the best gauge on the state of the products being delivered. The users community has spoken volumes about Extreme's product suite. Extreme Networks has won over 40 industry awards, and its user base continues to grow each and every quarter.

TEC believes that Extreme Networks is here to stay and have proven this with its tremendous track record over the past four years. We feel that with any network project, whether it is an upgrade to a data closet or data center, or the creation of a new network such as a MAN, Extreme Networks should be one of the vendors extended an RFP.

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