Lectra Fashion PLM Becomes the First TEC Certified Solution in PLM for the Fashion Industry

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“I can name more fashion PLM solutions than PLM solutions.” This was what I told my colleagues last year when I was working on the creation of a product lifecycle management (PLM) evaluation model geared specifically to the fashion industry. Of course, this was intended as a joke—a fashion PLM solution is still a PLM solution! But, here is the first fashion PLM solution to receive TEC certification.

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more players rush to the fashion PLM playground. In addition to some traditional PLM vendors now paying significant attention to the fashion industry, vendors from enterprise resource planning (ERP), sourcing, fashion computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM), as well as other specialized fashion and retail applications are moving to the fashion PLM arena as well. The specificities of the fashion industry, some of which I’ve already discussed in my previous blog posts Managing Trees versus Managing Grass and The Two Driving Forces Behind Fashion Products, have injected new functionality and features into the traditional PLM scope, giving non-PLM vendors an opportunity to expand their reach to the PLM arena. Seeing that the traditional TEC evaluation model for PLM was not a good fit for the fashion industry, TEC launched a new Evaluation Model for Fashion PLM as well as a Solution Showcase for Fashion PLM last year, and now, Lectra Fashion PLM has become the first TEC certified PLM solution, using TEC’s PLM for the fashion industry evaluation model.

Lectra Fashion PLM

Lectra [read TEC Vendor Note for this vendor], established in 1973, has achieved long-term experience in providing fashion CAD and CAM solutions. A natural evolution for the vendor was its expansion to product data management (PDM) about a decade ago, with the launch of its first PLM suite in 2006. Four years later, with the release of V2R2, Lectra Fashion PLM became quite a comprehensive and strong solution—in TEC’s certification of Lectra Fashion PLM, six of the eight functionality modules evaluated scored above the average solution, with five of these modules located in the Dominant Zone, a TEC convention designed to indicate a solution’s significant competitiveness in the market and development focus.

Many aspects of Lectra Fashion PLM impressed me during the certification process. Here are a few I would like to highlight:

  • Dedication to the fashion industry—I found that the solution’s terminology, user interface, pre-defined business process, and pre-loaded resources (e.g., color, fabric, label, and stitch) were very well thought out and thus appropriate for the solution’s target market.

  • Organic integration with other Lectra offerings—The seamless integration between Lectra Fashion PLM and its CAD/CAM applications (e.g., Kaledo, Modaris, and Optiplan) would be a strong endorsement of the solution to existing Lectra CAD and CAM clients.

  • Comprehensiveness of the solution—The solution covers all main activities in the development of a fashion product, from line planning to product release for production.

Some specific functions that got my vote include color management, milestone tracking, and line planning dashboard, but I leave it up to you to get all the details on the solution’s capabilities in the Lectra Fashion PLM TEC certified report, which you can download here.

As Lectra’s expertise is mainly in fashion product design and manufacturing, some of Lectra Fashion PLM’s capabilities in sourcing and supply chain collaboration need to be further strengthened. I’d recommend that readers interested in the solution take a look at the certification report for a finer-granularity analysis of whether the solution’s capabilities in this area will meet their specific requirements.

As a last note, I’d like to highlight the communications I had with Lectra during the certification process. I found that required documents were promptly prepared and provided, certification activities (product briefing and demonstration) were extremely well organized and conducted, and, as an “add-on” to the certification, my on-site visit to Lectra’s development center afforded me with precious knowledge about Lectra and the industries it services.
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