LinkedIn Acquires Newsle

LinkedIn has acquired Newsle, provider of a service that alerts users when their connections have been mentioned in article, blogs, or other places on the Web. Much like the job search engine and listing platform Bright, which LinkedIn acquired earlier this year, and which leverages proprietary analytics technology to help employers find and screen candidates, Newsle relies on natural language processing and machine-learning algorithms to weed out relevant information.
The acquisition is another in a series of moves intended to improve somewhat low LinkedIn user engagement rates. Last year, LinkedIn bought (and started to integrate) mobile reader app Pulse, and added the ability to embed rich media within news feed posts. More recently, LinkedIn overhauled its Contacts app (now known as Connected) to emphasize news feed updates and encourage user interaction.
While relevant info and alerts should add value, LinkedIn should make sure not to inundate its users with noise. Recently, some users were complaining on Twitter about being alerted about posts from all of their connections. Along similar lines, I might care about the Web mentions of only my closest and most relevant connections, but not about those regarding the other hundreds I may be connected to.
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