LiquidPlanner 4.3 Adds Checklists and Improved Social Collaboration

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liquid-planner-logo_white.jpgLiquidPlanner, a provider of project and portfolio management solutions, continues to improve on the LiquidPlanner offering. The company announced the addition of checklists which can be added to any task. In addition, the social collaboration features have been completely overhauled—comments are now threaded by conversation instead of being presented in streamed (date) order.

The checklist capabilities allow anyone on a project team to create, assign, and track checklists attached to a project task. According to LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce, “Checklists are the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for project teams.” These checklists are a great feature that can be used by any project member, but are extremely useful to project managers. For example, instead of trying to decide whether to add five more non-project tasks to your schedule, or file in a task note field, a project manager can create and assign a checklist to a task in the plan and assign it to the appropriate team member.

The other change LiquidPlanner has rolled out in Release 4.3 is the overhaul of social collaboration features. The comment threading is more like Facebook in that the comments are threaded by conversation. The threaded conversations can be filtered by client, project, or team. Users also have more control of the types of events which trigger e-mail notifications and alerts.

The LiquidPlanner solution takes a unique approach to project and portfolio management in that it is a priority-based scheduling model. Check out the solution through a 30-day free trial on the company's Web site.
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