Logility Connections 2014—Enabling Supply Chain at Your Fingertips

The recently held Logility Connections 2014 conference exuded the supply chain vendor’s habitual optimism and customarily upbeat and stable financial results. Front and centre was talk of global expansion (most recently in Brazil and Mexico via partners) and new product development, especially in terms of delivering new more scalable cloud architecture, mobility, and embedded predictive analytics. 
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Logility (the name alluding bringing “logic” to “agility”), wholly-owned subsidiary of American Software, Inc., is a provider of collaborative supply chain management (SCM) solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company’s SCM solution suite, Logility Voyager Solutions, features a business performance monitoring architecture and provides supply chain visibility; demand, inventory, and replenishment planning; sales and operations planning (S&OP); supply and inventory optimization; manufacturing planning and scheduling; transportation planning and management; and warehouse management.
The Voyager Solutions software suite helps companies manage relationships with raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and customers. Working in tandem with a variety of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, these products address specific supply chain needs, such as reducing inventory, lowering the cost of logistics, and adjusting sales and operations planning in response to market changes, new products introductions (NPIs), or production constraints. Logility's subsidiary Demand Management Inc. (a.k.a. Demand Solutions) offers SCM software for small and midsized businesses.

Logility Voyager Solutions V8.5
At the conference, Logility announced the general availability of Logility Voyager Solutions V8.5. Key to this release’s enhancements is the product’s new architecture on Microsoft Azure Cloud and HTML5-based cross platform mobile user interface (UI). The product is built for the “always on” supply chain, as users can access the entire Voyager Solutions suite anywhere, anytime on both tablet and desktop platforms. Logility Voyager Solutions is available as a software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premise solution.
The latest release features solution-wide supply chain analytics that visualize critical data and compare multiple planning scenarios (i.e., quick insight into complex supply chain trade-offs at moments of market risk and opportunity). Logility Voyager Solutions V8.5 helps supply chain organizations rapidly model, visualize, and compare multiple business scenarios through the delivery of the right information to the right people whenever and wherever they need it via more alerts, role-based actionable insights, key performance indicators (KPIs), comparative scenario analysis, and integration with partner and supplier information.  

Figure 1 – Logility CEO Mike Edenfield at Logility Connections 2014
Tackling Integrated Business Planning
In addition to the aforementioned GA product release, attendees at Connections 2014 were treated to a sneak peak of Logility Voyager Integrated Business Planning, a next generation S&OP solution. As its name suggests, Voyager Integrated Business Planning provides a holistic view of planning across the business, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales marketing, suppliers, and customers. This new solution aims to tie strategic, tactical, and operational activities into a single comprehensive business plan using rapid simulations from in-memory processing and real time analytics to bring demand and supply segmentation and multi-enterprise collaboration to the planner’s desktop.
Leveraging a single data model across the Voyager suite, Logility’s Integrated Business Planning is built upon the following three main principles:
  1. Scenarios and Simulations – Voyager Integrated Business Planning will deliver rapid interactive simulation and scenario analysis to support demand and supply balancing, segmentation, S&OP, and financial plan alignment. With the ability to proactively plan for both opportunities and challenges, companies should be prepared better and able to focus resources on the activities that deliver the greatest benefit.
  2. Social Collaboration – The context-aware supply chain requires rapid communication with and the ability to integrate data from multiple stakeholders and sources. The solution will deliver embedded social collaboration and workflows that enable rapid planning and better decision making across the organization—finance, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain—along with key trading partners.
  3. Unified Data Model – The product will deliver real-time analysis with a unified view of sales, supply chain, and financial data. This information can be presented at any level of granularity and dimension, allowing organizations to understand and develop stock-keeping unit (SKU)-specific plans that evaluate both financial and volumetric measures. The direct tie between the operational plans and Integrated Business Planning should enable organizations to respond to opportunities and risks on-demand as situations unfold, eliminating the need for manual data input and manipulation.
Logility Voyager Thumbprint
At Connections 2014, Logility also announced another upcoming solution, Logility Voyager Thumbprint, a mobile application across Android, iOS, and Windows. Designed for ease of use and quick access to relevant information, Voyager Thumbprint aims to deliver key supply chain insights, well, “at your fingertips.” Needless to say, access and visibility to data across the enterprise and beyond its four walls is critical to ensuring supply chain success in today’s multi-enterprise, complex environments. To that end, Voyager Thumbprint aims to deliver several key supply chain capabilities including:
  • Mobile collaboration for consensus sales planning between the customer, supplier, carrier, sales, and supply chain teams
  • Real-time delivery of supply chain analytics
  • Role-based alerts and notifications on KPIs
  • Monitor and report on plan versus actual performance
In conclusion, Logility is one of only a few SCM vendors that can cover the sense and respond processes from the retail warehouse all the way to the manufacturing floor. Bigger SCM players such as Oracle, JDA Software, and SAP will have to reckon with counteracting Logility’s compelling value proposition to prospective customers.
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