Logility Unveils Voyager Select For Total Landed Cost

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Logility Unveils Voyager Select For Total Landed Cost
S. McVey - December 20, 2000

Event Summary

Logility, Inc. recently unveiled something old and something new in its Voyager suite of applications for e-business. Voyager Select is billed as a highly scalable solution for determining the total landed cost of a purchase by accurately choosing the best mode and carrier for the order. Voyager Select calculates the least cost for purchases based on numerous attributes and parameters, including weight, product type, cube and origin/destination for small package/express, less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), rail and intermodal shipments.

Advantages for users of Voyager Select include access to accurate invoice expectations, a geographic database containing more than 240,000 U.S. and Canadian locations, and algorithms that calculate distance-based truckload and rail carrier rates. Perhaps the most attractive feature of Select is the ability for net market participants to call on it in real-time as a transaction is being performed.

Voyager Select can be hosted on the net market's application server or via an Application Service Provider (ASP), and can operate in one-to-many and many-to-many architectures.

Market Impact

Although Voyager Select is just now making its debut, the product is an amalgam of components drawn from existing logistics applications in the Voyager suite. Like other vendors, Logility observed that while net markets today facilitate buy and sell transactions, they do not necessarily allow participants to achieve true cost savings. A buyer who finds a desired item at a good price and completes the transaction may have overlooked how much it costs to have the item delivered. Conversely, sellers that fail to accurately estimate transportation costs have little guidance in setting prices and maintaining margins. Though some net markets estimate transportation costs for buyers and sellers, these often are based on inaccurate or incomplete rate data and over-simplified transportation models.

Select gives Logility much needed ammunition it can use in the Internet fulfillment arena against competitors like i2 Technologies. i2 offers many of the same features for calculating transportation costs in its FreightMatrix platform for net markets. In spite of its benefits, FreightMatrix suffers to some extent from its broader view of transportation modeling, management, and optimization capabilities that are less readily applied to individual buy/sell transactions. By keeping less pertinent transportation planning components out of Voyager Select, Logility actually may have created a better, more-focused product.

User Recommendations

Users understand all too well the significant contribution of transportation costs, but have only recently been presented with applications that can make use of data realistic enough to produce meaningful results. Voyager Select may prove to be a valuable weapon against high transportation costs, but only for shipments within the U.S. and Canada. Because much of Select's functionality was derived from existing applications, interested users should, before making a decision to buy, consult reference clients who have installed Logility's transportation solutions Logility cited Ingram Micro, Sprint PCS, and American Freightways as clients that have used Voyager Select functionality "for years." In addition to these customers, other Logility customers that may have relevant insights include The Robert Horne Paper Company, Eastman Chemical Company, and American Greetings.

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