Logility Works with AdapChain to Accelerate Supply Chain and Enterprise Integration

Logility recently announced the culmination of work they have been doing with supply chain consultant AdapChain to simplify the SCM to ERP integration process. AdapChain and Logility have developed templates designed to accelerate the integration of Logility Voyager to major ERP systems, with specific integrations created for SAP, Oracle, and Infor.

Logility and AdapChain, a certified SAP integration partner, believe that their templates, which are based on pluggable objects developed by AdapChain, will manage up to 90% of the integration, significantly accelerating what can otherwise sometimes be a long and involved process of integrating what are two enterprise-critical functions, supply chain and ERP.

With these templates, Logility and AdapChain report that they can complete “high performance” integrations in as short as 30-60 days. While there will always be some customization required, the templates have been designed to provide the pre-built data mappings and logic for fairly granular processes within demand planning, inventory planning, and supply planning, as well as higher level integration.

AdapChain Logility’s template-based approach allows high-performance integrations to be completed at much lower risk and overall cost.

Svenne Juul, president of AdapChain, says:
Standalone SCM-to-ERP integration projects can be complex and expensive, requiring dedicated staff for upwards of a year or more. Through our work with Logility, we have significantly reduced the effort, time and cost required to integrate Logility Voyager Solutions with many ERP solutions.

The templates manage the initial integration work, but then also framework subsequent design work, making much easier any further extensions or enhancements.

Everyone knows the cost, time, and risk associated with integrating systems. Templates, such as offered by Logility and AdapChain, then, can serve an important purpose in streamlining an integration effort, controlling, most importantly, the cost and risk associated with such projects. The proof of the pudding, however, is in the eating, and, as Logility and AdapChain have yet to talk about real customer projects, we will be very interested to hear about customer experiences using these pre-built integration templates.
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