Logistics.com Solutions Target A Grand Scale

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Logistics.com Solutions Target A Grand Scale
S. McVey - August 8, 2000

Event Summary

Just a month since it merged with QuoteShip, Logistics.com is continuing to grow its organization and increase brand awareness. With a total headcount of 137, the Burlington, Massachusetts based logistics management software vendor continues to grow rapidly at a rate of 10-15 employees every month. Founder and CEO Yossi Sheffi is an experienced veteran of the transportation and logistics software industry, having been a cofounder of LogiCorp, Syncra, eChemicals, and the Princeton Transportation Consulting Group, a company he sold to the Sabre Group in 1996.

The new Logistics.com expects to become the leading provider of information technology and e-commerce solutions for the transportation and logistics industries. Its Internet-deployed applications span solutions that offer decision support capabilities for carriers and shippers, transportation auctions, public and private exchanges, and collaborative transportation management.

Market Impact

Logistics.com possesses a grander vision than most logistics software vendors, which typically focus on a limited portion of the vast scope of global logistics. Logistics.com has built a comprehensive suite of logistics applications and is working feverishly to join them together to provide an integrated solution. Key differentiators of its suite include support for air, truck, rail, and ocean transport modes, decision support capabilities that provide maximum flexibility in specifying costs associated with different transportation alternatives, and a wholly Internet-based ASP delivery model.

Logistics' customer base, assembled from industry leading carriers and shippers throughout its 12-year operating history, is another factor in the company's favor. References from satisfied clients carry considerable weight in buying decisions. Among the shippers who have purchased its software, Logistics' boasts Georgia-Pacific, Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, and Colgate-Palmolive. Carrier partners include J. B. Hunt, Tyson, and ABF.

While there is no clear leader in the global logistics software market, Logistics.com's offering will undoubtedly place it in competition with companies like i2, Manugistics, and, in some functional areas, Internet startups like GoCargo, NeoModal.com and G-Log. Logistics.com has put together a well-apportioned suite of applications, delivered via the Internet, and with its impressive client list, should fare well in the fragmented and highly competitive logistics software marketplace provided it invests in marketing and brand recognition initiatives.

User Recommendations

Shippers and carriers engaged in global logistics operations should evaluate Logistics.com as an option among other vendors. Users should also request client references from among Logistics' client partners and inquire about the company's services it employs in conjunction with its applications as these form a large part of its business and are integral to its solutions delivery model. Prospective users should also ask to see solutions of interest demonstrated together so that they understand the extent to which the applications have been integrated, an activity that Logistics' concedes is a work in progress.

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