Lotus Announces Domino R5 Release For Linux

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Lotus Announces Domino R5 Release for Linux
P. Hayes - October 26, 1999

Event Summary

BERLIN, Oct. 26, 1999 - At Lotusphere Europe 99, IBM's Lotus Development Corp. today announced that Domino Release 5 (R5) server for the Linux operating system will be available within 30 days. Lotus Domino R5 for Linux combines integrated collaborative functionality with Linux' low cost-of-deployment and reliability benefits to enable organizations worldwide to gain access to powerful messaging, knowledge management and Web application development capabilities (Source: Lotus Press Release)

Market Impact

According to a study performed in the 1st quarter of 1999 by International Data Corporation, the market share for the Linux operating system grew by 212% in 1998 and will continue to grow at 25% per year through 2003. The exploding Linux operating system market has outpaced all other operating systems available today, including NetWare, Windows NT and Unix. By targeting the Linux operating system Lotus continues to provide support to multi-platform environments, including Windows NT, NetWare and Unix. Lotus Notes Domino R5 will be among the first enterprise-based applications to provide support for Linux. Given Domino's popularity, the Linux operating system will be given a boost, as it will begin to be viewed more strongly as an enterprise ready, low cost system (see Figure 1). Lotus will not make Domino R5 Linux available for another 30 days and will ship it in the quarterly R5 update.

Figure 1: Domino for Linux Pricing

Product Retail Pricing
Domino R5 Mail Server $695 + Client Access Licenses
Domino R5 Web Application Server $1,795 + Client Access Licenses
Domino R5 Enterprise Server $4,995 + Client Access Licenses

User Recommendations

Given that Linux is an "Open-Source" operating system with multiple, free Unix based SMTP mail services such as Sendmail and Red Hat packaged mail services, the need for Notes on Linux is minimal. The advantage of Notes is strong database functionality and workflow. Presently most Linux mail and Internet Server usage are predominantly chosen for stability and cost. Given the high cost of Notes as an enterprise solution, users should fully evaluate alternatives presently on the market. If your business requires strong database and groupware functionality, Notes is an extremely viable solution. If not, examine other alternatives.

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