Lozeau Selects Commsoft Fidelio ERP with the Help of TEC Software Selection Services

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fidelio.pngLozeau, a retail company providing cameras, video cameras, accessories, and services, recently selected Commsoft to meet its enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. Commsoft was chosen from among ten vendors of viable solutions during a selection process headed by TEC’s selection services group.

Lozeau looked to the expertise of TEC’s team for assistance throughout the software selection process and in the vendor contract negotiations.

Stéphane Lussier, director of finance and project lead at Lozeau, said, “I want to emphasize Lozeau’s great satisfaction with the team and services provided by TEC. Beyond providing the necessary tools, the team at TEC provided a working methodology that helped structure the process and prepare our teams for change. This was extremely helpful.”

Commsoft, based in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), is the developer of the Fidelio ERP solution. According to Nasser Tehrani, project manager at TEC, “The Commsoft solution was highly competitive with all the other players in this project in terms of pricing, local services, and functionality.”

Fidelio is geared towards the French-speaking small to medium business (SMB) market in North America.

Commsoft started in 1999 with a mission to automate and integrate the business processes of Quebec companies. By its estimation, Canada and specifically Quebec organizations still don’t have the level of integrated information systems required to fully benefit from their competitive advantages. So, focusing on a very limited geographical market, Commsoft went about developing and offering a functionally very rich and extensive solution—Fidelio. This offering is geared toward light manufacturing (40%), distribution (30%), and retail and service companies (30%).

Fidelio was recently certified by TEC. A full report is now available, or you can evaluate the solution for yourself.
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