Made2Manage (v.7) Is TEC Certified for Discrete Manufacturing ERP

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Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that Made2Manage (v.7.0) by Aptean is now TEC Certified for discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning ( ERP) under the ERP Evaluation Center.

Aptean was formed with the merger of CDC Software (CDC) and Consona Corporation (Consona) during the summer of 2012. The goal of Aptean is to deliver an exact-fit solution for specific business. As a whole, Aptean has more than $280 million (USD) in revenues, 9,000 customers and more than a thousand employees worldwide, and its solutions are deployed in more than 150 countries. The CDC and Consona product lines have historically been developed to support specific lines of business and complementary product offerings. Unlike other software companies that have been growing through mergers and acquisitions (and sometime end up with products that compete against each other internally), the merger of CDC and Consona has created a solution provider with little overlap in product offerings.

Made2Manage’s origins go back to its founding in 1986. The product was developed by manufacturers for manufacturers and has stayed true to its roots throughout its history. The product is developed for discrete manufacturers with dynamic, to-order environments, engineer-to-order (ETO), make-to-order (MTO), assemble-to-order (ATO, and mixed-mode and discrete manufacturing operations. The sweet spot for Made2Manage is organizations with revenue between $5 million and $100 million (USD) headquartered in North America.

Aptean likes to say that it “owns the shop floor” with the Made2Manage solution. The solution has strong functional capability to ensure that information flows freely and easily throughout all aspects of the enterprise using several capabilities:

  • Shop Floor Work Center and Data Collection enable users to plan work and collect information in real time regarding activity taking place on the floor.

  • Supervisor Console allows supervisors to view work and processes to ensure things are running smoothly.

  • And graphical user interface (GUI)-based analytics make it easy to report information in a way that’s easy to understand, and to identify strong and weak points in the manufacturing process.

These capabilities, along with the system’s functionality, enable an organization to have a seamless process by which it can use information throughout the product life cycle, deliver information to the shop floor, and capture information from the shop floor in a fully automated way. This seamless, end-to-end integration gives an organization immediate visibility into where the workload might be imbalanced, or where scrap is out of control. These things enable an organization to focus on efficiency, ensuring delivering a good product in the most efficient way possible.

The following graph, based on TEC’s model of research for discrete manufacturing ERP solutions, shows how Made2Manage’s product functionality compares with those of an overall benchmark of what you can typically find on average across the discrete ERP market (i.e., the average solution).  


Based on the comprehensive software comparison data that TEC possesses, Made2Manage ranks as a much stronger–than-average competitive solution against other products in the discrete manufacturing ERP solution space. As the above chart shows, the solution scores higher than the average solution in the Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, and Sales Management functional areas.

TEC was given a hands-on demonstration of the recent release, v.7.0, of Made2Manage. The solution has been redeveloped on the .NET service–oriented architecture. The latest release also has a great suite of new reporting capabilities. I will be writing the full Made2Manage certification report, with more on the product’s background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. The report will be available in a few weeks on the TEC 2013 Certification Reports page.

You can see how Made2Manage stacks up to the competition in much greater detail using TEC’s proprietary TEC Advisor tool now.
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